Borussia Dortmund Boss Coy Over Mason Greenwood Move

Greenwood, Manchester United agree to mutually part ways amid fans backlash
Greenwood, Manchester United agree to mutually part ways amid fans backlash

Borussia Dortmund has not ruled out a move for Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood, with a decision expected after Saturday’s Champions League final against Real Madrid.

Greenwood, 22, is set to return to Old Trafford this summer following a successful loan spell at LaLiga side Getafe. During his time in Spain, Greenwood scored 8 goals in 33 league appearances and was named Getafe’s player of the season.

Potential Suitors

Juventus and Atlético Madrid have shown interest in the former England international, and Borussia Dortmund has emerged as a possible destination. Dortmund, who previously took winger Jadon Sancho on loan from United in January, is reportedly prepared to take Greenwood on loan as well.

Sebastian Kehl Plays Coy

At the club’s Champions League final media day, Dortmund sporting director Sebastian Kehl emphasized that all plans are on hold until after the final. “I don’t want to talk about any rumours now at the moment because it makes no sense,” Kehl said. “Let’s play that final on Saturday.”

“Of course we do have our plans for the next season and of course we discuss many scenarios, but nothing for today. Let’s focus, let’s anticipate that match on Saturday and then we’ll see how we move on.”

When asked if Greenwood is a player that Dortmund admires, Kehl responded, “I don’t want to talk about that now.”

Greenwood’s Journey

Greenwood has not played for Manchester United since a 1-0 Premier League win against West Ham United in January 2022. A week later, he was arrested on suspicion of rape and assault. Greater Manchester Police confirmed the existence of “social media images and videos posted by a woman reporting incidents of physical violence,” leading to Greenwood’s immediate suspension from training and matches.

In October 2022, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) charged Greenwood with attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. However, all charges were dropped in February 2023 due to “a combination of the withdrawal of key witnesses and new material that came to light meant there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction.”

Manchester United conducted their own internal investigation, concluding in August 2023 that Greenwood would not resume his career at Old Trafford. The club stated: “All those involved, including Mason, recognise the difficulties with him recommencing his career at Manchester United. It has therefore been mutually agreed that it would be most appropriate for him to do so away from Old Trafford, and we will now work with Mason to achieve that outcome.”

Future Prospects

Greenwood’s successful stint at Getafe has reignited his career, but Manchester United prefers a permanent move and transfer fee for the player. Sources have indicated that United will trigger a one-year extension on Greenwood’s contract if he leaves on loan again this summer, ensuring the prospect of a transfer fee next year.

As Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, and Atlético Madrid consider their options, the football world awaits the conclusion of the Champions League final to see where Mason Greenwood’s career will take him next.

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