China Will No Longer Host AFC Asian Cup 2023

The Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium was to be a host stadium at AFC Asian Cup 2023

Following extensive discussions with the Chinese Football Association (CFA), the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has been officially informed by the CFA that it would not be able to host the AFC Asian Cup 2023.

China PR were appointed as hosts of the AFC Asian Cup 2023 on June 5, 2019, at the AFC Extraordinary Congress in Paris. The 24-team competition was to be hosted across 10 Chinese cities from June 16 to July 16, 2023.

The AFC acknowledges the exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to the relinquishment by China PR of its hosting rights.

The AFC worked closely with the CFA and the AFC Asian Cup China 2023™ Local Organising Committee (LOC) during the preparations and several milestones were achieved, including the launch of the tournament logo and the unveiling of the newly completed Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium last year.

The AFC appreciates that China PR, the CFA and the AFC Asian Cup China 2023™️ LOC have made this very difficult but necessary decision in the collective interests of the AFC Asian Cup 2023™️, which has also provided the AFC the required time to assess the situation regarding the hosting of the AFC Asian Cup 2023™️.

The AFC will continue to work closely with its commercial partners and stakeholders to chart the course forward and remains grateful to them for their understanding and support during this period.

Further details about the next steps related to the hosting of the AFC Asian Cup 2023™️ will be announced in due course.


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